Asylum Granted: Kwamba’s Perseverance & Hope

For the past few years, the English-speaking region of Cameroon has experienced violent conflict with the French-speaking government military. Both sides of this fight have committed many human rights abuses and put innocent people in the cross-hairs. It is in this environment that a small convenience store owner named Kwamba* was raising his children. As a child himself, Kwamba had [...]

Asylum Granted: Kwamba’s Perseverance & Hope2020-01-13T16:23:12-08:00

Paulo’s Story: Finding Freedom Through Asylum

Growing up in Brazil, Paulo* was taught conservative Christian values by his family. From a young age, they instilled in him that being gay was wrong. But despite these beliefs, he could not deny his feelings towards boys throughout childhood. This conflict within was very difficult for Paulo’s mental and emotional health. The trauma was increased when, at a very [...]

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