Casa Cornelia’s Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

Despite the fading COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was still a long and hard year. Regardless of the challenges, we responded to 1,943 individuals seeking out pro bono services.

2020 Annual Report

Despite the myriad challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, Casa Cornelia responded to 1,329 persons seeking legal services through the Asylum, Children’s, and Victims of Crime Programs.

2019 Annual Report

Through our legal response, representation, and referrals, over 2,660 indigent children, families, and asylum seekers received quality pro bono legal assistance in 2019.

2018 Annual Report

This report chronicles the challenges and celebrations that marked 2018, Casa Cornelia’s 25th anniversary year. The report speaks for itself. As you read it, please bear in mind that all that has been accomplished has been made possible by your generosity and done on your behalf.

2017 Annual Report

Through our legal advice, representation, support and referrals, 2,441 indigent immigrants received timely attention and quality assistance in 2017.

2016 Annual Report

Accommodating its delivery of services to changes in conditions in other parts of the world, as well as to the legal and funding environment in which it found itself, Casa Cornelia responded to requests for legal assistance from 2,414 men, women and children.

2015 Annual Report

In 2015, Casa Cornelia responded to 1,991 total requests for services; 40% of these were unaccompanied children, fleeing violence and abuse. The law center accepted full cases for eighty-five asylum seekers from around the world, bringing the number of open cases to 140.