Since 1993, more than 15,000 children, women, and men have turned to Casa Cornelia for critical legal assistance and humanitarian protection. Today, our work is carried out by 27 staff members and a network of hundreds of volunteer attorneys, interpreters, translators, law students, and community members.

In 2020, 1,329 individuals reached out to Casa Cornelia for legal advice, representation, support, and referrals.

These people came from 54 countries, and were served in over 50 languages.

512 children

turned to us for help — 303 of whom were detained in restrictive settings.

​​​​​​412 asylum seekers

from around the world sought our counsel.

Young white man with short blonde-brown hair holds and kisses baby with blue eyes

405 victims of crime

requested our support, including victims of domestic violence and human trafficking — 77 percent of whom are women, and are responsible for children both in the U.S. and abroad. Our staff worked to assist survivors of these crimes with applying for special humanitarian visas.

Total Individuals Responded to: 2,661
Asylum Program: 1,181
Children’s Program: 1,000
Victims of Crime Program: 480

Total Individuals Responded to: 2,287
Asylum Program: 883
Children’s Program: 876
Victims of Crime Program: 528

Total Individuals Responded to: 2,441
Asylum Program: 760
Children’s Program: 954
Victims of Crime Program: 616
Other forms of relief including DACA: 111

Total Individuals Responded to: 2,414
Asylum Program: 610
Children’s Program: 999
Victims of Crime Program: 557
Other forms of relief including DACA: 248

Total Individuals Responded to: 1,991
Asylum Program: 561
Domestic Violence Program: 501
Children’s Program: 866
Human Trafficking Project: 61

Total Individuals Responded to: 1,849
Asylum Program: 514
Domestic Violence Program: 614
Children’s Program: 633
Human Trafficking Project: 88

Total Individuals Responded to: 1,310
Asylum Program: 338
Domestic Violence Program: 494
Children’s Program: 478

Total Individuals Responded to: 1,215
Asylum Program: 245
Domestic Violence Program: 431
Children’s Program: 317​