Help Us Ensure Access to Justice

Provide pro bono legal services to the indigent immigrant community in San Diego County.

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Ensure Legal Representation for Immigrant Children
Casa Cornelia is the sole provider of pro bono legal representation and counsel for all immigration cases of children detained in San Diego. With your contribution, we will continue providing thorough, effective legal services to detained and non-detained children, including those who have been separated from their families

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Provide Life-Changing Legal Services
Your contribution provides free quality legal services for indigent communities who otherwise would not have access to counsel. Because of you, children can give back with the same dedication they were served.

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Start Your Fundraiser
Activate your community and ensure access to justice for children, families, and asylum seekers! We are counting on you to rally your friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds to provide quality pro bono legal services to vulnerable communities.

La Mancha Awards
Each year, Casa Cornelia Law Center honors the commitment of outstanding volunteer attorneys, law firms, interpreters, translators, law clerks, and community members whose exceptional dedication furthers the pursuits of Casa Cornelia’s clients and their cases.

All proceeds from the La Mancha Awards fund Casa Cornelia’s pro bono programs, which provide crucial legal response to victims of human and civil rights violations.

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Attorneys Who Care 
From April 3 – May 12, the San Diego legal community will come together to raise the necessary funds to provide access to justice for immigrant victims of human and civil rights violations. Help Casa Cornelia build a build a path to hope for our clients!

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Leave Casa Cornelia in Your Will
Each of us wants to leave the world a better place. Your bequest to Casa Cornelia Law Center accomplishes a greater good – the assurance that victims’ rights will be protected. It is your personal legacy, a triumph of generosity over inequality and hatred.