March 8th, 2022
This quote from Audre Lorde comes to mind as we celebrate International Women’s Day:
“And that visibility which makes us most vulnerable is that which also is the source of our greatest strength.”
As I reflect on my career as an attorney representing women who experienced domestic violence and as an educator inspiring young women to find their passion and speak their truth, I realize it was my willingness to share my own truth and journey that helped me connect with others.
Over the past six months as the Legal Support and Strategy Director here at Casa Cornelia Law Center,  I have been inspired by the strength of those we serve, in particular the women who experienced gender based violence, and the willingness of our communities to work together to help them not just survive but thrive. In particular, I am inspired by Sarah*, who lived in fear every day and thought there was no way out of her situation.  When she saw that fear in her daughter’s eyes, she found the strength to speak out and ask for help. She is now able to live each day with hope rather than fear. 
Anne S. Bautista, Esq.
Legal Support and Strategy Director



Women make up over 75% of our staff at Casa Cornelia.

From Directors to Attorneys to Fundraisers, these women are changing lives for the better. As we work to support the rights and opportunities of other women in our community, we celebrate the incredible strength of both the human rights advocates committed to creating a better world, and their clients exemplifying what it means to persevere in the face of obstacles. Visit the other posts in our Featured Stories page to read about the journeys of the incredibly resilient women we have had the priveledge of serving, like Elisa, Victoria, and Adriana.


Casa Cornelia staff attending a play inspired by Anne Bautista’s work with victims of domestic violence.


Executive Director Carmen Chavez hugs a client who just received legal status.


Children’s Program Attorney Lissette provides final documents for her client.


Attorney in our Asylum Program Elena explains details of a client’s documents.


Associate Attorney Evelyn and her Legal Assistant celebrate a client (center) receiving her green card through the Victims of Crime Program.


*Names and photos changed for client confidentiality