We have recently concluded an orientation session for our new Volunteer Interpreters and Translators (VIT), and this invites a moment of reflection for our work in 2018. As we look back to this year, one thing is very clear:  We are so fortunate that you are in our team! You used your language skills to provide justice for our clients. You traveled for hours to make your interpretation assignments. You spent many many hours working on your translation projects. Your generosity with your time, talents, and financial support truly has made all the difference.

So far this year and with your support:

  1. ​​​220 clients were given access to justice through multiple interpretation sessions and multiple document translations for each.
  2. 55 language volunteers participated in training at the initial volunteer sessions, at a refresher session, or as one-on-one personal instruction.
  3. 40 new volunteers were added to language services support. The languages include Spanish, Uzbek, Russian, French, Farsi, Mixteco, Italian, Tigrinya, Tagalog, German, and Urdu.
  4. 2,700 hours of language support (and still counting!) were provided to Casa Cornelia Law Center clients through in-person, telephonic, video, or relay interpretations and through identity, personal statements, technical reports, and country conditions translations. VIT Program: 2018 Impact

In addition, a warm welcome is in order to our latest VITs who came in on a Saturday morning to complete their last step in their preparation process to assist Casa Cornelia clients:

Julia Alba-May​
Luisa Alonso
Soraya Bolandgray
Natalia Gottschalk
Viktor​ Iarushin,
Priya Kalyan-Masih
Jafferi Kyanza
Giovanna Luevano
Haida Mojdehi
Breanna McHugh
Myrna Rodriguez
Lola Sharapova
Perla Shteremberg
Elizabeth Tysor
Maribel Valadez

With heartfelt gratitude,

Artemisa Valle, VIT Program Coordinator
​Alice Bendinelli, VIT Project Assistant