Religious Freedom for Hashem

Hashem* was born in the 70’s in Iran to an extremely conservative Muslim family. Although it was all he knew growing up, there were many aspects of his family’s religious practices and beliefs that made Hashem uncomfortable. Some of the rituals included self-harm, polygamy, and public executions by stoning. As an Islamic state, Iran’s citizens live under this Islamic law, [...]

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Emmanuel’s Journey: Finding Peace After Trauma

Emmanuel* never expected to have to flee his home country of Cameroon to save his and his family’s lives. He grew up in an Anglophone (English-speaking) region with his mother and sisters. His father died when Emmanuel was very young, so he eventually had to drop out of school to support his family. “I engaged in agricultural work with my [...]

Emmanuel’s Journey: Finding Peace After Trauma2021-02-05T09:15:44-08:00

Announcing the Carmen Chavez Justice Fund

I hope that you and your loved ones had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. My name is Tom Laube. As a longtime supporter of Casa Cornelia, a Board Member, and a Volunteer Attorney, I have gotten to know the organization from many angles. My time dedicated to ensuring access to justice for my Casa Cornelia clients have been among the [...]

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Community Resources

We are here for you! Casa Cornelia Law Center stands by our community and will continue to be there for those who need  immigration legal services. If you or someone you know have questions about your eligibility for our services, call 619-231-7788 or click here. ¡Aquí estamos! Casa Cornelia Law Center continúa ayudando a la comunidad, especialmente a aquellos que [...]

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Deacon Jim Vargas – Reflecting on my time at Casa Cornelia

Dear Friends of Casa Cornelia, I send my best to you and your families, and I pray that you are safe and healthy. I have been honored to serve as Board Member of Casa Cornelia Law Center for the past 12 years, eight of which I have served as Board Chair. As my term comes to a close this December, [...]

Deacon Jim Vargas – Reflecting on my time at Casa Cornelia2020-10-09T09:06:54-07:00

Marcel’s Story: Trapped in the Middle of the Cameroonian Conflict

Marcel* was born directly into the conflict between the English and French-Speaking regions of Cameroon. With an absent father, Marcel grew up with title of his mother’s Anglophone culture - he attended school in English and adopted Christian practices. But disputes with his father’s family over his up-bringing resulted in Marcel moving to a Francophone region with his uncle to [...]

Marcel’s Story: Trapped in the Middle of the Cameroonian Conflict2020-08-26T16:43:57-07:00


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