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Kamel: Unwavering in the face of the Taliban

Kamel* is an Afghanistan native who, opposing the Taliban, has endured significant danger during his life in his home country. He believes the Taliban’s ideology is oppressive and refuses to support their regime. This led to him being persecuted and twice having to seek refuge. During the Taliban’s rule in the nineties, Kamel was targeted and imprisoned. He was [...]

Kamel: Unwavering in the face of the Taliban2023-05-11T16:25:47-07:00

Gabriela: Escaping Violence and Finding Hope

Gabriela* is a Mexican-born woman with two children and a long-standing history of physical and psychological abuse. Growing up, she witnessed domestic violence from her father against her mother and was often even on the receiving end of his abuse. Gabriela left Mexico at the age of 15, fleeing from the abuse and hoping for a better life for [...]

Gabriela: Escaping Violence and Finding Hope2022-12-13T10:09:19-08:00


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