Fighting for Jonathan’s Second Chance

When he was five years old, Jonathan’s* father abandoned his family, eventually finding another wife and starting a new family in the United States. Back in El Salvador, his mother struggled to support her three children on her own, but she did everything she could. “My mom made sure we went to school and helped with homework,” Jonathan says. [...]

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Kadir’s Journey of Heartbreak and Healing

Growing up in Turkey, Kadir* hid his identity as a gay man to his conservative family and most friends in his circle. He even dated girls publicly to hide his sexuality – he says, “I never came out to my family or other friends because of fear that they would reject me, or that it could become public knowledge [...]

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Meet the 2021 Pro Bono Publicos!

This year, we bestow twelve Pro Bono Publico awards to exceptional attorneys who embody the spirit of Casa Cornelia by representing our clients with compassion, dedication and perseverance. In 2020, the effects of the pandemic and immigration policy restrictions impacted Casa Cornelia’s programs and the clients we serve. However, these challenges did not impede the active participation of volunteer attorneys, or [...]

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Leonardo’s Escape from Intimidation and Imprisonment

As the third of four siblings growing up in Cuba, Leonardo* had a hard time gaining the support and education he needed. His family struggled financially and he eventually had to drop out of school at age 14. He says he did it, “In order to help my parents and siblings because we did not have enough money to eat.” [...]

Leonardo’s Escape from Intimidation and Imprisonment2020-12-03T10:00:48-08:00


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