Victoria’s Perseverance, Grit & Survival

Victoria’s* closest family growing up was her mother and her cousin, Gloria*, who was more like a sister to her. In the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country in central Africa – Victoria’s mother supported their small family by working as a shopkeeper. In addition to her day job, her mother was the president of a local women’s rights [...]

Victoria’s Perseverance, Grit & Survival2021-04-22T14:49:39-07:00

Emmanuel’s Journey: Finding Peace After Trauma

Emmanuel* never expected to have to flee his home country of Cameroon to save his and his family’s lives. He grew up in an Anglophone (English-speaking) region with his mother and sisters. His father died when Emmanuel was very young, so he eventually had to drop out of school to support his family. “I engaged in agricultural work with my [...]

Emmanuel’s Journey: Finding Peace After Trauma2021-02-05T09:15:44-08:00


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