Kadir’s Journey of Heartbreak and Healing

Growing up in Turkey, Kadir* hid his identity as a gay man to his conservative family and most friends in his circle. He even dated girls publicly to hide his sexuality – he says, “I never came out to my family or other friends because of fear that they would reject me, or that it could become public knowledge [...]

Kadir’s Journey of Heartbreak and Healing2022-05-17T08:43:42-07:00

Victoria’s Perseverance, Grit & Survival

Victoria’s* closest family growing up was her mother and her cousin, Gloria*, who was more like a sister to her. In the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country in central Africa – Victoria’s mother supported their small family by working as a shopkeeper. In addition to her day job, her mother was the president of a local women’s rights [...]

Victoria’s Perseverance, Grit & Survival2021-04-22T14:49:39-07:00


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