Fighting for Jonathan’s Second Chance

When he was five years old, Jonathan’s* father abandoned his family, eventually finding another wife and starting a new family in the United States. Back in El Salvador, his mother struggled to support her three children on her own, but she did everything she could. “My mom made sure we went to school and helped with homework,” Jonathan says. [...]

Fighting for Jonathan’s Second Chance2022-05-02T15:15:39-07:00

Victoria’s Perseverance, Grit & Survival

Victoria’s* closest family growing up was her mother and her cousin, Gloria*, who was more like a sister to her. In the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country in central Africa – Victoria’s mother supported their small family by working as a shopkeeper. In addition to her day job, her mother was the president of a local women’s rights [...]

Victoria’s Perseverance, Grit & Survival2021-04-22T14:49:39-07:00


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